Vic Trip 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015 - By: Georgia P, Mack ‘16; Photos by Layli N, Mack ‘16

Eagerly awaiting the 11am arrival of the bus, students were dressed up and smiling with their friends waiting for the annual “Vic Trip”. The trip to Victoria on the second Sunday of the school year is intended to help out students who may need to purchase some things needed for Brentwood that could have slipped their back-to-school list.

If a student triple-checks their list and finds themselves not needing any more school supplies, the Vic Trip can also comfort shopaholics and let boys and girls get non-Brentwood approved piercings and the occasional tattoo. Do students still think teachers aren’t aware of this? 

If a Brentonian enjoys following rules and not finding themselves in some hot water, then there are more reasonable Vic trip options. They can get some food, walk the beautiful and historic streets of the city, or maybe meet up with some old friends. If none of those suffice, one can also purchase a scooter so that when back at Brentwood they can get to classes and meals in the utmost of style: well done Ellis boys.

Personally, I enjoyed going to Cactus Club with a group of friends that I don’t always get to see when the rush of Brentwood kicks in. I would also never want to leave Victoria knowing I didn’t go to get some frozen yogurt. Besides eating, I made sure to fill the abyss in my heart that had been growing since the last time I went shopping and made a few stops.

Vic Trip can turn out to be an adventure because they may have never experienced Victoria and all its beauty. I know that it is a big thing for Brentwood to have the trip and make sure that all students stay safe and cheerful; it is appreciated. Everybody enjoys the time spent with friends outside of Mill Bay and a day dedicated to fun before we really have to get down to business and start studying the books.  

Georgia P, Mack ‘16; Photos by Layli N, Mack ‘16

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