Vegas in Ellis

Monday, May 22, 2017 - By: Marc Y, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Zach L, Ellis ‘19

On May 13th, time slowed down as Brentonians got in their clean-cut suits and dresses and headed to Ellis House for the event everyone has been waiting for. Amongst the hustle of end-of-year tests, projects and AP exams, Ellis Open House provided an exciting night off for our tired students. This year’s theme, just like any other year, was Casino.

The night started at 8:00 when the doors to Ellis opened and dozens of people flooded into the nicely decorated common room. For a mere entrance fee of $6, students were given a ticket, which they could trade for 1,000 dollars upon entrance. The house was split into two levels. Everyone started off at the first level, which was the common room. This level provided numerous, yet simple games such as blackjack and roulette. The atmosphere was elevated with occasional cheers of excitement or cries of despair as gamblers put thousands of dollars on the line. 

Then there was the second level, designed for the elite in the art of gambling. Dedicated to poker, this level required a 10,000 dollar entrance fee to ensure that those who got in had the adequate skills in gambling to multiply their assets. Competition was intense as the fierce gamblers (and the dealers determined to make as many bankrupt as possible) went head to head. The people who made it to the second level also enjoyed the privilege of being photographed by the professional photographer of the house, Zach L, Ellis ‘19, who took many memorable pictures. 

Ellis Open House provided a great night and allowed the weary Brentonians to take a step back and enjoy their only night off in the week. This open house gathered a lot of hype since day one of the school year and it seems like it was able to live up to its well-deserved reputation.

Marc Y, Rogers ‘19

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