Varsity Men’s Quad – The Goon Squad

Friday, July 19, 2013 - By: Hayden F

On the 14th day of March, 2013, Ms. Willow created a crew, not just any ordinary crew, but a crew of legends. Unearthed in a distant land, an ancient manuscript predicted the destiny of such a cadre. Comprised of the notorious oarsmen Joel Crumb, Niko P, Hayden F, and Kelly A, the quad of legends quickly earned the alias “Goon Squad”. Under the Californian sun, our skin bronzed and our muscles screamed from the rigorous training.

An inseparable brotherhood was formed, a well-oiled machine bent on the destruction of 2000 meter races. Our first theatre of battle was the Maple Bay Regatta where we placed 2nd to SMUS. Disappointed, we put ourselves through many early morning workouts, so that when the day came to stand toe to toe against crews in the Brentwood Regatta, we would emerge from the fray as victors. We proudly stepped away from the Brentwood Regatta with a Gold medal in the JV Men’s Quad.

The goal of our season was to take the CSSRA by storm. At the start line of the Annual Shawnigan Regatta we knew that to qualify for nationals we would need to win by at least 10 seconds. The fire that burned inside us propelled the JV Quad to a victory of more than 20 seconds and a desired berth to St. Catharines.

At Nationals in Ontario, it was our first time racing in a Varsity event. After tasting victory in the past, we had become an unstoppable force. We attacked every stroke with fervor and passion until the prophecy had been fulfilled and the Goon Squad achieved their destiny, a National Championship in the Varsity Men’s Quad.

Hayden F, Whittall ‘14

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