Vancouver MUN and the Importance of Sun

Saturday, February 28, 2015 - By: Kimmi G, Hope '15​​, photos and article

The largest conglomeration of politically interested nerds in Canada, Vancouver Model United Nations 2015, took place this term. Consisting of over a dozen well-dressed students, Brentwood's delegation, and their esteemed coaches, Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele-MacInnis, departed on Thursday afternoon.

After a pleasant bus ride to the ferry terminal, the delegates meandered around the ferry, acting our scenes from Titanic, enjoying the prime sunset, and playing Clash of Clans. Shawnigan shared the 560 ft boat, and, unlike in an old western, it was big enough for the two groups.

Off the ferry and into Blenz Coffee hopped the young whippersnappers as they waited for transportation to the Hyatt in bustling downtown Vancouver. When the bus arrived, the payment system was not working, allowing for a free ride. "Cheapest transport you'll ever get in Vancouver," said Mr.Bryant, wisely.

The conference began with a keynote speaker, journalist and philanthropist Amanda Lindhout, delivering an inspiring speech about her experiences in Somalia.  

The delegates then filed into their committee rooms, where they would spend a combined total of 21 hours. Topics ranged from the Abuse of Antibiotics in WHO (World Health Organization) to the Napoleonic Wars in the Historical Crisis Committee.

Students mingled amongst countries, building both friendships and resolutions. Some kids would treat their role like everything hung on the balance of them receiving enough votes, but everyone had plenty of time to simmer down during lunch breaks at local eateries, such as Café Crêpe. 

The next two days consisted of copious levels of caffeine, to uplift spirits and eyelids, as well as the showcasing of fine debating ability from 'future world leaders'. The delegate social, MUNochrome, featured photo booths and interesting dance techniques and was a mere two hours old before midnight crises dragged sleepy students away from their pillows. Students experienced a life without cookie break, and after being deprived of sustenance or sunlight for the last couple of days, many were pushed to their breaking points. 2:00 am eventually struck and everyone staggered back to their beds.

Following one last committee session, Sunday proved to be a lighter but exciting day as delegates gave their last goodbyes and passed final votes on their specific issues. The closing ceremonies swooped in like a narcoleptic pigeon. Awards were presented for various accomplishments and Brentwood stole one award when Wyatt T, Ellis '16 was named for Best Researched Delegate in WHO. 

The gavel pounded and VMUN was over.

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever"(Napoleon Bonaparte) quoted most students as they rode away in sleek limousines. Sleepily, they then piled out of the impressive black stretches to indulge in some comfort coffee/ice-cream before the ferry arrived.

Coaches Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele-MacInnis, who deserve recognition and thanks for being our "temporary parents", ensured this lovely experience. It was a fantastic experience for the Brentwood squad.

Kimmi G, Hope '15​​

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