UVic Model United Nations

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - By: rebecca.reynolds
Brentwood Students participate in UVIC Model United Nations

It is Sunday. The Models, inexplicably, are still full of vigor and vocal vivacity. Joey H, as Iran, has already gobsmacked his peers and coach. Even he agrees that, five years ago, as a Brentwood Grade 8, the prospect of attending  -- let alone enjoying -- an event such as this was slim, if not laughable. Now, on this third and final day of the conference, he is avidly pecking away at his keyboard, constructing a working paper which the members of the dais will adjudicate. On every flank, in these heady 10 minutes of unmoderated debate, the delegates squabble. Their noisy diatribe swirls around the curvaceous interior of the beautiful amphitheater. Joey is undeterred. He continues to type at a furious rate. He hits "send" and waits. Below him on the stage, the UVic political science students who comprise the dais of the General Assembly receive and then ruminate over his paper. They accept it. The assembly votes. It is rejected. Joey doesn’t care. He has put forth his points while toeing the contentious line of Iran’s foreign policy:  straying from this would have cost him points as a delegate.

This year’s UVic Model UN conference was as successful as last year’s. Twelve students attended; five received awards and accolades. Sarah K as Denmark emerged as Most Diplomatic Delegate in the General Assembly; Alex K (Germany),  Scott M (Saudi Arabia) and Georgia K (Russia) received honourable mentions for their commendable performances. And Joey? Best Delegate of the General Assembly.

Congratulations are owed to the entire team; each member prepared well and battled diplomatically. I salute Danielle A, Pascale B, Zhi-Yao C, Nick W, Calvin S, Katie Z and Jonathan H. A special mention must also be made for the wisdom and leadership of Alex K and Sarah K in the arduous preparation for this event.  I am luckier than they know.

Mrs. Reynolds

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