University of Waterloo Mathematics Competition

Friday, April 04, 2014 - By: Mr. Harold Wardrop, Head of Mathematics

This year, approximately 59,000 students from over 1400 schools across Canada wrote the University of Waterloo’s mathematics competition.

A Certificate of Distinction is awarded to any student who ranks in the top 25% of all contestants.  At Brentwood we had a number of students who achieved this ranking. The top Brentwood student in each grade also receives a medal.

The following are certificate and medal winners:

For the Pascal contest (Grade 9) receiving a certificate are: Cara A, Derek A, Lion T, Joyce Y, and the Grade 9 medal winner is Joyce Y.

For the Cayley contest (Grade 10) receiving a certificate are: Bryn G, Emily L, Cindy Z, and the Grade 10 medal winner is Emily L.

Finally, for the Fermat contest (Grade 11) receiving a certificate are: Matthew F, Sabin L, Scott W, Joe X, Helen Zhang, and in Grade 11 we have a tie for top spot, so Helen Z and Sabin L both receive a medal.

Mr. Harold Wardrop, Head of Mathematics

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