Uni Tour 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - By: Jack P, Whittall ‘20

During this year’s November midterm break, thirty-seven Brentwood students were given the fortunate opportunity to visit many of Canada’s eastern universities. Stopping in three different provinces, this cross-continental journey gave students the chance to get up-close and personal with many different schools that Brentwood students frequently attend after graduation.

Few of us had actually visited any of these places before, so it was nice to get a chance to see these schools first-hand, as well as explore some of the cities in which they are located.

The group left last Wednesday, flying from Victoria and anticipating six lengthy and action-packed days of campus visits. Over the course of the trip, the group spent a night in both Montreal and Ottawa, as well as a couple of nights in Halifax and Toronto. As this was clearly a lot of distance covered, it provided the chance to see twelve different impressive universities, all nicely packed into only six days of visiting.

There were many memorable moments that helped make this trip special. “Eating lobster in Halifax with the boys,” says Hayden K, Privett ‘20 was no doubt a personal favourite. For Keeva O, Mackenzie ’20 her highlight was getting to “explore all the cool cities with awesome people”. Everyone seemed to enjoy some co-curricular component of the trip, whether it was the rooftop hot tub in Toronto, or seeing the friendly faces of many recent Brentwood grads at the schools we visited.

A big thanks goes to Mr Adam Rodrigues and Ms Legassick for helping out, and to Mr Rick Rodrigues, our University Counsellor, for planning the whole shebang. It could not have been easy mobilizing and chaperoning six days worth of tired students, and we appreciate what they did to help keep the trip running smoothly.

It was a productive journey, and we hopefully will soon be able to call this trip successful, assuming most of us get into a university of some kind. 

Here’s to hoping.

Jack P, Whittall ‘20

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