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Sunday, October 15, 2017 - By: Luke H, Whittall ‘18; Photo by Mike Minckler

As he awaits his next appointment, Director of University Counselling, Mr Rodrigues, taps away at his keyboard. When asked about how the process was going, he simply uttered “Stressful, very stressful”. With the university counselling team of Mr Kingstone, Mrs Coull, and Mr Rodrigues taking care of 165 graduates this is no small task. Hundreds of applications will be submitted, analyzed, edited, and rewritten over the next few months: this we be a time-consuming and tedious process. 

University Councillors are not the only ones feeling the heat: first and second terms are vital to the grad class. Grades and applications now fills our hours, waking and sleeping. Rest falls by the wayside as we stay up accompanied by the dull glow of our screens, attempting to woo our top choices into accepting us with open arms. 

Those applying to Canadian schools slowly pluck away at each application, and it has been an academic wake-up for many: “It has made me realize that I need to work really hard to get where I want to be” says Sydney R, Allard ‘18.  

Some students are closer to the fire than others: those applying to the United States have to surmount the enormous obstacle that is the SAT. Crawford C, Whittall ‘18 finds it “tough that so much about your future rests on just four hours”. With the prospect of going to some top U.S. universities, his application process becomes even more difficult, filled with essays, interviews, and many hours. 

The payoff, we hope, will come in the spring, when letters will be torn open revealing the next step that all 165 students will take on their academic journey. 

Good luck to all the grads! 

I now return to my personal essay. ;-) 

Luke H, Whittall ‘18

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