Underground Theatre at Brentwood

Friday, November 27, 2020 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21; Photo by Kameel A, Privett '23

On Wednesday November 25th, Senior Play’s first ever Night of Theatre took place in the Briggs Lecture Theatre. This night is the definition of underground theatre. If you’re thinking right about now: “I had no idea this was even happening” or “What’s a Night of Theatre?”, you’re not alone. In fact, fewer than forty people were invited. It was so exclusive, Mr Patel barely made the cut.

The Night of Theatre was a showcase of the scenes from various plays that Senior Play students have been working on for the past three months. These scenes were part of the students’ audition process for the year-end play which, based on Wednesday’s performances, I have full faith will be spectacular.

The Night of Theatre commenced with a theatrical introduction and only escalated from there. A scene from The Wolves, a contemporary play written by Sarah DeLappe about a girls’ soccer team, played by Nina B, Oli B, Robin C, Lily H, Abby L, Sophia PT, and Nazar S, commenced the show. A feisty fight between Chloe C and I came next from Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple; After that, Eamon R and Jacob Hart performed their hilarious depiction of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, a play by Tom Stoppard. The first scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, a play by David Mamet, starring Jack R and Julian B, was presented. It was followed by Blueberry Hill by Daryl Watson, starring Adrienne R and Piper D. Finally, the show closed with a second scene from Glengarry Glen Ross featuring Oli B, Nazar S and myself.

As the Senior Play teacher, Mr Interlandi, was explaining at the beginning of the night, that we didn’t get the chance to perform in person last year. We were robbed, like many other events, by Covid. To have the opportunity to demonstrate to our friends and teachers this early on in the year was a blessing and could not have been possible without Mr Interlandi.

I think that the audience enjoyed the night almost as much as the cast did … The post-performance Senior Play group chat talk went as follows: “We’re so thankful to have been able to give a live performance.” commented Chloe C. “The experience was unique and inspiring” added Julian and “We were quite drippy, I do say” observed Eamon.

I’m excited for an amazing year with such a talented crew and I cannot wait for many more hours of script analysis, character development and rehearsals. Brentwood’s first ever Night of Theatre was a success. Perhaps this will become a new Senior Play tradition.

Zosia S, Hope ‘21

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