UK Post-Secondary Sampler

Friday, October 10, 2014 - By: Joe K, Whittall ‘15

Abuzz with excitement, the McNeil Student Centre swarmed with inquisitive students of from Brentwood and around the Cowichan Valley on the 26th of September. Conversations flew like fall leaves as these young scholars searched through 26 universities looking for the one of their dreams. Whether it is for medicine, international relations, military studies, or business, the United Kingdom, Canada’s preppy older brother, has many post-secondary choices. 

The UK has become a popular destination for Brentwood students to spend their early adulthood engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Among these well-known institutions was the esteemed King’s College, known for its ancient origins and highly sought-after business programs. Another prominent choice, St. Andrews, is known for its medical program which, after six years, returns the students to the University of Alberta. Also in attendance were the University of Gloucestershire, University of the Arts of London, the Royal Veterinary College and many more. 

Students armed with pamphlets, notes and even pens from these universities may now choose to apply to any one of the many schools represented at the event. However, competition in this international arena is fierce. About two dozen Brentwood gladiators will actually try their luck at submitting an application into the arena hoping that they will land a spot in the university that speaks the most to them. We will see which gladiator wins the challenge of this interesting spin on university studies.

Joe K, Whittall ‘15

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