Two Dukes

Tuesday, December 03, 2013 - By: Josie Olszewski

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was founded 50 years ago by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, to encourage character growth and community involvement for young people. There are three levels of the award, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each award has four mandatory components: Community Service, Physical Recreation, Skills, and an Adventurous Journey. 

Many Brentwood students, through their regular program, complete all but three of the award requirements, including arguably the most challenging of them: the adventurous journey. For her adventurous journey, Madelin P, Hope ‘16 completed a 42 km overnight hike at Ross Lake. For his adventurous journey, Jacob N, Whittall ‘16 completed the rugged West Coast Trail in five days. 

So what do Jacob and Madelin get in addition to the satisfaction of completing a difficult set of challenges?

The Duke of Edinburg Award is well recognized by universities and may very well help their university applications and it will certainly be a good resume builder. They will also get a chance to meet a member of the royal family and will receive a pin for each award. Most importantly, they have increased the likelihood that they will incorporate community service, physical recreation, skills and adventurous journeys into their lives for the long term. 

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Ms. Josie Olszewski 

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