Twin Wins for Senior Soccer

Friday, October 22, 2010 -

Both the First and Second XI soccer teams picked up victories on Thursday afternoon. The 1st XI played entertaining and effective football for a good portion of a friendly match between Cowichan High and came away with a 4-1 win.

Two goals from Yannick H, a penalty shot from Simon F, and a Connor S goal were the result of some good build up play. Again, quality crossing from out wide was always dangerous and effective in putting the opposing defense under pressure.

The 1st XI has played some exciting soccer this week with 2 victories over large schools in the valley. Taking this momentum and high tempo play into next Tuesday's game at Shawnigan should make for a great match to finish the regular season play prior to the playoffs.

In the second leg of the Barswood Cup, the 2nd XI captured the trophy with a 2-1 win by beating Barsby 4-3 over the home and home series. Jon H and David C scored the goals while the defence held firm with Joey H, Nic D and goalkeeper Tom M making key last-minute plays.

Mr. Gord Horth and Mr. John Garvey, Coaches

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