Turkey and Iverson

Saturday, November 27, 2010 -

Former NBA all-star Alan Iverson scored 2 points in his debut in Turkey last week. Not the numbers many anticipated. Perhaps he was rusty, perhaps he is way past his prime, or perhaps he did not anticipate the level of commitment and skill of Turkish premier league basketball.

Turkey is a surprise to many. Bridging the gap between the old world and the new, it is cosmopolitan and modern while at the same time fiercely proud of its heritage. Walking the streets there is a charming blend of cultures, religions and histories. At any given moment, one can see the blur of burqas, hijabs, mini skirts, tattoos,, Taqiyahs, cassocks, blue jeans and halter-tops; it is a dizzying blend of the ancient and the modern.

Turkey is full of potential in so many ways – brimming with confidence and flexing its economic muscle in Europe and abroad. We currently are lucky enough to have one Turk at our school this year; hopefully this trip of mine will encourage more young Turkish students to look at the value of a Brentwood College education. At the very least, perhaps Iverson wants to play some high school hoops again!

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