Triumph at Interhouse Track and Field

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - By: Emma M, Hope ‘19; Photo by Linnea M, Allard '17

Amidst the tumult of exams and the clamour of our final days of the year, there stands a glimmering moment free of packing, studying, or heartfelt goodbyes: Interhouse Track and Field. Taking place on the last Saturday of the concluding term, it is always the final Interhouse event, and this year it stands to determine which brother and sister house will emerge victorious for the 2016/2017 school year. 

Abundantly clad in the appropriate house colours, the staff and student body paraded onto the rugby fields to cheer on the athletes. The first event to kick off the afternoon of excitement was the Men’s 1500 m. Electricity was in the air as students brandished their house flags, and screamed support out of megaphones. There was an eruption of “Bleed Blue,” as Privett claimed both second and first, consequent of a stellar performance from Keaton H, Privett ‘20 and Ori B, Privett ‘18, with Whittal yielding a close third. 

Thus the tone of the afternoon was set, and Hope/Privett fought passionately to maintain the standard of excellence set by the first event. After the first few races, however, it became clear it was anyone’s game. There were triumphs from every house as the categories progressed, and consequently, the hysteria of the audience intensified. 

All this fervor reached its apogee with the final event: the Tug-of-War. Privett/Hope won the first round against Mackenzie/Ellis, and Rogers/Allard conquered Alexandria/Whittall. When the final came to a close, we had a winner on our hands; Privett/Hope had overcome their competitors and become the champions of Interhouse Track and Field. 

Emma M, Hope ‘19

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