Touring Hawaii

Thursday, January 19, 2017 -

Winter break is one of the most glorious times of the year, especially at Brentwood. Students have the chance to be with their families, celebrate various seasonal festivities, and unwind before another term of hard work at school. But the Brentwood Senior Boys Basketball team had their family time cut short to venture to Honolulu, Hawaii for a training camp to prepare for the competitive months ahead.

Whilst in Hawaii, the team played in five games, four coming within the first three days of their arrival, a test of the team’s physical and mental strength. The team played 5 games on the trip (going 4-1) including a visit to Barack Obama’s alma mater Punahou.

The team did much more in Hawaii than play basketball games. On several mornings, we would jog to a nearby park to participate in a conditioning session followed by a practice. In the conditioning sessions, Coach Sullivan led the team in various circuit partner exercises, lasting two minutes each, followed by a lap of the park. In the practices, Mr. Gage made us run our plays, as well as introducing new ones that we would run in the games that day. After the practice, the team would jog back to the hotel to proceed with their day. In addition to their conditioning sessions, the team rang in the New Year with a “5K” run to Diamond Head Mountain, followed by a run up the mountain, and a run back to the hotel. The long distance, as well as the intense heat of the sun, resulted in a very sweaty and fatigued group of boys.

Of course while in Hawaii, the team enjoyed a plethora of tourist activities. The team spent their first few afternoons on the beach, soaking up some sun and having ocean fun. Whenever the team got hungry, they would either head to the mall food court or Cheeseburger in Paradise, the best burger restaurant in the world. Some members of the team went to have a meal there four times. It was that good! On New Year’s Eve, the team and the coaches’ families went to Hanauma Bay, a state park, to snorkel and relax after the previous days’ games. Following the Bay, the team hung out the rest of the day and rang in the New Year with dinner at P.F. Chang’s and partying at the beach. The following morning there was a catamaran cruise organized to take everyone out to sea for some more snorkelling and tanning. The team was able to see a number of different fish and sea life, including huge 300-pound turtles. That same night, the Brentwood crew went to the world renowned Hard Rock Café for dinner. Everyone enjoyed a night filled with delicious food and bumping tunes.

On January 2nd, the Brentwood gang travelled to the Polynesian Cultural Center to learn more about their host island, as well as other Pacific countries such as Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, and Aotearoa (now New Zealand). The team had an afternoon filled with learning about Polynesian cultures, which ranged from throwing sticks in Tititorea (a Maori game) to Tahitian dancing, which Aaron and Cole H, Whittall ‘17 can attest to. The long day was followed by a luau and a show. The luau featured foods from throughout Polynesia while entertainment such as hula dancing and fire throwing took place on stage. The main event was when I wowed the crowd with my “Canadian Hip Hop moves”.

To say this was a fun trip would be a severe understatement. A week in paradise can turn a group of boys who play basketball into a team, and it did. The experiences shared and the lessons learned will be put to use on the court back in BC as the team has a full slate of games and tournaments upon arriving back at school. Huge thank are due to Mr. Gage, Mr. Sullivan, and Lyle Dhur for organizing such an amazing trip for all those involved. See you back on the court in the True North!

Mide O, Privett ‘18

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