Touching The Void

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - By: Calder M, Privett '13

Photo by Scott R, Privett '13

A collection of sunburns belonged to the shining faces of the Outdoor Pursuits group that gathered on the rock face on Mt. Wells this past Saturday. Waking up on a Red Saturday (a sleep in at Brentwood) for a departure of 8:15 was actually quite the treat. After a 45 minute drive to the face of Mt. Wells, we grabbed our chalk bags, harnesses, ropes and shoes for a short hike up to the shale wall.

My hand slipped into my chalk bag, synched around my waist, positioned so that I could reach it in a time of desperation. My palms were sweaty not only from the 23 degree heat that radiated down, but from the small finger holds only about an inch thick to grab onto. I scrutinized the 30 foot face as I carefully planned my route.

The climbs with my partner, Scott R, gained in difficulty as we chose different walls over the course of the day.

We broke for lunch around 12:30, a well-deserved rest after our forearms were aching and trembling. The wonderful café staff gave us pieta, humus and quinoa; it was delicious and nutritious. Jonathan H, Andrew M, Jacob M and I sat in the warm sun to enjoy the beautiful view.

Teagan W, meanwhile, was ambitious and persistent in many of her climbs, not quitting until she reached the top. She descended with a victorious smile only to continue onto another climb.

Thank you to Mr. Norman, Miss McCallum and the climbing instructors from Stelly’s Climbing Gym for making trip possible. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and cannot wait until our next outdoor climb on Saturday, May 11th.

Calder M, Privett ‘15

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