Touching Lessons

Saturday, May 07, 2022 - By: Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

Students of Mr Skardal’s Grade 12 English class have been religiously paying attention to every move Mr Skardal has made: all for one moment. This moment. Mr Skardal reluctantly handed over the torch, allowing us to create and lead a lesson.

For part of our Relationships Unit, we were divided into partners and selected from an array of topics including assortative matching, gender expectations, marriage, and many more. Each duo then picked a day where they will run a forty five minute to an hour multimedia presentation.

Mr Skardal says, “These presentations are based on our study of courtship in Pride and Prejudice. This unit asks students to present different ideals and concepts using interviews, and artworks such as poetry, film, or visual art."

Each presentation starts with an essential question encompassing the topic and evoking critical thinking within the audience. This is often followed by context which can either be historical or cultural. Students are then usually shown a text or a video which leads to a journal question. These questions allow the students to form their own opinions and thoughts which are then shared with their table partner - and sometimes the class. Nearing the end of the presentation, both presenters share their own summary which details their personalised answer to the essential question. To finish off the presentation, students put in the famous Cat Tax. This can be any picture related to cats to please the school-renowned cat enthusiast, Mr Skardal.

Cooper J, Rogers ‘22 says, “It’s fun to play teacher for the day where I could use classic Mr Skardal terminology like ‘Let's see if the technology will work’ and ‘Eyes and ears.’”

The whole class seems to enjoy this project, having a fresh face each day to teach them about relationships. That isn’t saying there is anything wrong with Mr Skardal’s of course.

Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

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