Tokyo Bound

Sunday, June 20, 2021 - By: Sydney Payne ‘15; Kevin Light Photography. Copyright Rowing Canada.

Sydney Payne ‘15 was just named to the Canadian Women’s 8+ which will race at the Tokyo Olympics next month. Below are Sydney’s comments on her selection:

“What a big honour to be named to my first Canadian Olympic rowing team! These 2020 Olympic games are truly special - the entire world has struggled and sacrificed dealing with the pandemic this past year. This has been a very challenging extra year of training but we’ve persevered and have been really fortunate to be tucked away safely training here in Victoria the whole time.

The Olympics will be our first race in almost two years.

I’ve been truly inspired daily by the commitment, tenacity and motivation of the athletes around me. I will always be grateful to Brentwood and the pivotal role they played in developing my rowing career. What a beautiful place to go to school. I am beyond thrilled and so excited that this journey to the Tokyo Olympics is finally becoming a reality.

We are stronger than we’ve ever been: let’s go race!”

Sydney Payne ‘15

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