Time for Reflection

Tuesday, November 06, 2018 - By: Bud Patel - Head of School

Too often in our uber busy lives, we quickly move from one event to the next without taking sufficient time to reflect. Soaking in our daily experiences is being crowded out by rigorous schedules, searches for appropriate emojis, and Fortnite. Even at Brentwood, we are driven by schedules, bells, and meetings.

Saturday, October 22nd, however, brought some respite to our hamster-wheel world. The 5th Annual TEDx Brentwood – Impact – provided a moment of thinking, engaging, and discussing. Our ten presenters wove concepts and stitched together ideas to provoke us from our slumber. Three students, two faculty, two old Brentonians (including one parent), two parents and two outside experts left us better informed than we were before.

So, upon reflection, what did I learn?

  • Put down our phones and reconnect as humans - Grant D, Rogers ’19

  • Individual choices we make can have an impact on the challenge of climate change – Dawna Mueller, parent of Ash, Mack ’20 and Serena, Mack ’23.

  • If you want to be well – physically and mentally – go outside – Michael Miller, Science Faculty

  • You can take control of your worry imp – Sharon Selby, Mack ’87, and parent of Jemma, Mack ’22.

  • How physics and reality merge into a positive light – Emma M, Hope ‘19

  • How a helping hand is a call to pay it forward – Krishna Lakkineni

  • How we need to take responsibility for our oceans – Lauren McWhinnie

  • What it’s like to be a cross culture kid – Lulu J, Allard ’19 and Head Prefect

  • The 4th industrial revolution of entrepreneurship, technology, data, and innovation is here – Tyler Wish, Whittall ‘97

  • Turning pessimism into optimism – Sarah Wolinsky, Math Faculty

As a community of learners, we were fortunate to have this shared experience. We were jostled. We were inspired. We were, at times, uncomfortable. And, we learned.

I encourage you to view some or all of these TEDx Brentwood speakers so you, too, can reflect and be better. They can viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8kJta_SnSM

De Manu In Manum,

Bud Patel

Head of School

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