Three Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence!

Thursday, October 06, 2011 - By: andrea.pennells
Head of Brentwood’s Mathematics Department, Harold Wardrop (pictured here with Prime Minister, Stephen Harper), received one of the 26 National Awards.

In its 50 / 75 anniversary year, Brentwood College School has much to celebrate, and Head of School, Andrea Pennells, announced today an historic academic hat trick. Three Brentwood master teachers have just been named as recipients of Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence in 2011.

The Government of Canada chose October 5, World Teachers' Day, to “celebrate outstanding educators who are igniting the curiosity of their students and making Canada a better place, one child at a time." Head of Brentwood’s Mathematics Department, Harold Wardrop (pictured here with Prime Minister Stephen Harper), received one of the 26 National Awards. Head of Business and Entrepreneurship, Michael Flynn, and Head of Science, Bruce Tate, garnered two of the 58 Regional Awards.

All three Brentwood teachers were recognized as exceptionally innovative leaders who help students excel. Follow the links on the Prime Minister's Awards website to learn more. Here’s a preview:

“Sherlock Holmes meets Indiana Jones when Harold Wardrop delivers his math class. Equipped with a unique ability to turn an abstract formula into a fun experience they'll talk about at recess, Wardrop tackles math through ice hockey, forensics, wakeboarding and the Vancouver Sky Train. Whether it's a game of Jeopardy or the experience of buying a dream car and living with a roommate, Mr. Wardrop students learn math, real life lessons and have fun doing it.”

“ ‘Skate to where the puck will be’  reads a plaque on Michael Flynn’s office wall … and so equipped with hockey metaphors, he teaches his students to adapt in a fast-moving world. In Mr. Flynn’s classes, students learn to continue the pass, demonstrate teamwork and eventually score the point. A believer that students learn more by doing than just by listening, Mr. Flynn’s classes can even resemble an episode of The Apprentice as students work, implement – and at times even capitalize – on real business ventures.”

“Spaghetti bridges, egg catapults, hovercrafts and candle-powered hot air balloons … it's like being taught physics by Einstein himself. But it's not all just fun and games in Bruce Tate's classroom. Confronted with questions like "What if …?" and "Why is that?", students in Mr. Tate's Science program emerge curious, wanting to know more about the universe and why things happen.”

The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence program is “Canada's way of recognizing our best teachers, promote what they have achieved and share their innovative and successful teaching practices.” Congratulations to Harold Wardrop, Michael Flynn and Bruce Tate who join biology teacher, Gerry Pennells, as Brentwood faculty on the Prime Minister’s Honour Roll!

Happy birthday, Brentwood!

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