Three on Three

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘19; Photo by Brent Lee

With just over four weeks left until Ross Cup begins, the Brentwood Senior and Junior ice hockey teams have both been on fire as of late. The Senior team is coming off of a huge Showcase win and an undefeated season. Meanwhile, the Junior team has had success of their own throughout their season. Both teams have had a busy schedule over the past few weeks and are getting ready for the midterm break. The entire program participated in a fun three-on-three tournament before heading off on a well-deserved break.

Each team had both boys and girls of all skill levels. This was a great chance for the players from the learn-to-skate program to showcase their newly developed skills, and for the more experienced players to develop theirs at a high pace and in tight spaces. The three-on-three helps get all players involved at all positions. The goalies also get to face more shots and get to work on controlling rebounds.

All teams battled it out and had lots of fun, but only one team could be crowned champions. For the second time this season, team Black won the three-on-three tournament. 

Haden U, Ellis ‘19

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