Three Crazy in the Pit!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018 - By: Sydney R, Allard ‘18; Photo by Jim Ganley

This year’s highly anticipated musical at Brentwood is “Crazy For You”. Not only does Brentwood put on spectacular performances with amazing sets, talented performers, and professional musicians, but this year, three of our own talented student musicians will be playing in the pit alongside the hired professional musicians. Jeremy H, Rogers ‘19, Maria R, Mackenzie ‘19, and Francis V, Ellis ‘18 are the talented students who will be playing alongside the professionals. 

Hard work, determination, and lots of practice is what got these students to where they are now in their musical careers. Each student put in around five hours a week of practice for many years, and they have been practising for this specific performance since the end of Christmas Break. They all feel excited and grateful to be playing in the pit among he pros.

Jeremy, who has been playing the drums for eight years, is from Duncan, BC and has been involved in numerous school events, as well as playing in the composition Band at the Duncan Showroom and a festival in Whistler which qualified them for Nationals. Maria, who has been playing the cello for six years, is also from Duncan and she has played in many school events including the pit for last year’s musical “Mary Poppins”, and the BCMEA (British Columbia's Musical Educators Association) Provincial Honours String Ensemble in Vancouver in 2017 and 2016, and the Thomastik-Infeld National Honours String Orchestra at Musicfest Canada in Toronto in May, 2017. Francis, who has been playing the violin for 14 years, is from Hong Kong, has performed at many Brentwood events, is the lead violin in the Strings Ensemble, was the concertmaster for the BC honours orchestra performance, and has also been part of multiple string and symphony orchestras outside of the school. 

These students have performed at most Brentwood events such as Winter’s and Summer’s Eve concerts, Remembrance Day performances, Java Hut, Regatta, Festival performances in Whistler, and this year, in Toronto! These musicians all have an amazing talent to share with the Brentwood community, and after so many years of their constant hard work, we are so lucky to be able to have them playing alongside the professionals at this year’s musical for us to enjoy.

We’re crazy for their music!

Sydney R, Allard ‘18

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