Third Term

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - By: Luke W, Whittall ‘18

Opening up your weather app and seeing it filled with sun might be amongst the greatest feelings for any Brentwood student. Shorts and t-shirts are dusted off and put on after a rainy winter, sunglasses are taken out of their cases, and sunscreen is slathered over all those who are fair. 

These days students spend lots of their free time lounging around on the field, buying something cold from the local CO-OP, or going for a swim off the docks on these scorching afternoons. Gillespie Field is always filled with students as games of ultimate frisbee, rugby, football and volleyball litter the pitch. Looking on are those stretched out on blankets and bean bags. 

That said, third term is not all fun, sun, and games. AP exams have thinned the crowd enjoying the outdoors and our competitive sports team are travelling all over the Island and Lower Mainland for competition; dancers, musicians and choiristers are perfecting their final moves, and painters are adding their finishing touches. 

This busy time for the school contrasts sharply with the lazy afternoons of the happy students. Internal exams in the middle of June will end this period of bliss: a frantic grind will begin. Evenings on the field will soon be spent in the library, sports will come to an end, then the arts. 

Closing Day will arrive on Friday, June 22 and the year will end. For 165 Grade 12s Brentwood careers will end with the Grad Dinner and Dance, Saturday, June 23. As a wise student once told me “Third term is a cruel mistress, so this is the time to bear down and just give’r.” 

Luke W, Whittall ‘18.

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