They Never Failed to Check In: Reflections from a Mentee

Friday, August 07, 2020 - By: Sophia Khan, Allard ‘20

Every Brentonian around the world has a favourite part of Brentwood. Some will say it is the beautiful campus, others will speak about the supportive staff, but I believe it is the deep-rooted community that takes the cake.

At the beginning of my senior year, I logged onto the Brentonian Connect platform and nervously reached out to Brentwood alumni who had graduated from universities I wished to apply to or worked in fields that I was interested in pursuing. A short message to a few people resulted in meaningful mentorship relationships that grew over months of connecting and conversing. My alumni mentors became invested in my university application process, my accomplishments at Brentwood, and were extremely vital aids when writing job applications and creating my resume.

As a recent graduate of the Class of 2020, I experienced many feelings of confusion and sadness as my final year took a turn. Overwhelming anxiety about the real world and its “new normal” rattled me as I tried to hold on to any sort of certainty. The feelings of fear during this tumultuous time were only subdued by my regular conversations with my Brentwood mentors. Through the highs and lows of the year, they never failed to check in and support me in every way they could.

As I reflect on these conversations, I am overwhelmed by not only the support but the care and kindness I have been shown. I have learned so much from Brentonian Connect and the opportunities it provides, but there is one thing that stands out to me the most: my mentors did not put so much time and energy into me because they had to, or because they felt obligated to.

They gave so much because it is just what we do - and that is what it means to be a Brentonian.

If you’re a Brentwood alum interested in becoming a mentor, visit our website for more information, or sign up at

Sophia Khan, Allard ‘20

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