There's No Mocking this Mock Trial

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 - By: Mr. Neil Bryant; Photo by Petra J, Mack '16

Travis Mitchell has a diagnosed Intelligence Quotient of 80. Was this enough to have understood the instructions of the arresting police officer? Psychologists from each side of the bench (Katlan S '16 and Lucas T '16) disagreed. Did he murder two women on two separate occasions in cold blood, having planned it all ahead of time? Witnesses including the accused's mother, (Jaclyn C '16), arresting officer, (Jeremy L '17) the deceased's partner (Emma F '17) all disagreed with one another. 

Thanks to nearly three hours of lawyers (Crown Delaney M '17, Asia T '16, and Pria F '16 versus Defense: Jason B '17, Merle M '17, Ferdinand S '17) pounding away at each other as to the admissibility of various pieces of evidence. Mr. Mitchell's freedom hung on the balance of whether a purse, two calculators, a pair of mucky running shoes, and various photos depicting what looked like Barbie Doll victims were admissible pieces of evidence or not. 

In the end, the jury, consisting of our Head of Laundry, Ms. Nelson, our CFO, Mr. Burton, Chef David, Sally Smith, the school seamstress, various other maintenance and cleaning staff, as well as several debaters, came and heard the evidence for two hours and eventually decided that Travis Mitchell was not guilty of either first degree murder charge, as he did not have the mental capacity to premeditate what he had done.

His Excellency Mr. Conner C '16 was able to keep his wig on only with difficulty as some lawyers mentioned evidence that may not have actually been proven effectively, but the entire case rolled to a close, with the same outcome as the real case had back in 1991, just in time for dinner.

And hence, Law 12 brought its term to a close.

Mr. Neil Bryant

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