Theatre Production, the Dark Art

Friday, May 26, 2017 - By: Robbie K, Whittall ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

The ghostly shadows of Theatre Production students work countless hours throughout the year creating and nurturing the numerous productions like Mary Poppins, Concert For A Winter Eve, Evening Of Dance, Senior Acting, special events, and much, much more to make Brentwood the special place that it is.

Many weeks before the opening night of any production, the theatre is bustling with the sights and sounds of preparation. Lights are aimed, shooting down onto stage illuminating performers in glowing halos. Acts are practiced to perfection while we hone our mix of sound before it's sent into the seats adding a touch of vibrance to the productions.

Over the course of the year, Theatre Production gives us the opportunity to work with advanced technology, like in our performance of Mary Poppins where we were required to fly two of our leads, Andrew W, Whittall ‘17 and Holly C, Mackenzie ‘17. This required very special technology and a core of students who spent multiple Sundays rigging the theatre with a complex set of pulleys and ropes to create the magic of flight.

Our year of shows wraps up with Concert For A Summer's Eve featuring most of Brentwood's Music programs on June 8 and 9. “It been cool to see how the backstage operates and I can't wait to learn more next year” observed Luke A, Whittall ‘19.

The year has been full of highs, lows, smiles and tears. It's been a huge success thanks to the hard work of Mr Armitage and his Theatre Production team. I look forward to returning to make the stage come alive next year.

Robbie K, Whittall ‘19

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