The YPI Experience

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - By: Ferrari H, Mackenzie ‘20

The YPI is the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative in which Brentwood’s Grade 9s, in groups, research, interview, and advocate for a local charity. 

Our group chose the Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association. While our group was at CTRA, we saw people’s lives being changed for the better, from little boys who were learning to show empathy towards their horses, to children who had been told that they were never going to walk again taking their first steps. Everyone at the facility was so friendly and you could tell that they were very passionate about what they were doing. 

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom,” says author Helen Thompson, and CTRA has allowed so many people to borrow that freedom. The individuals who were riding looked so happy to be there while grateful, smiling parents watched their children improving so much, and gaining confidence, focus, mobility, and, most of all, the will to fulfill their dreams. 

Our time with Anne Muir (Alex ‘76), Executive Director the Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, showed us how volunteer projects likes this can impact people in such a big way. We would like to especially thank the Toskan Casale Foundation for founding this initiative and for its generous donation of $5000 to the CTRA.

Ferrari H, Mackenzie ‘20

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