The World of Whittall

Thursday, August 15, 2019 - By: Abdullah Hammawa, House Captain Whittall ‘19

Looking back on the amazing year in Whittall, it's hard to encapsulate the laughter, emotions, & relationships that make it not just a boarding house, but a family. From the start, we had an exciting year. With nearly a third of the house new students, there was lots of excitement surrounding the additions.

Through the help of the orientation volunteers, Whittall hit the ground running. An electric performance at Fun & Games, followed by an exceptional performance at Track & Field (featuring Dylan David’s iconic relay) got the house off to a great start.The fun wasn’t limited to interhouse as the 12s exemplified by making the most of the annual Vic trip. We also had a great time at Thanksgiving, Snowball & Airband.

This year’s group also included a variety of different personalities & talents from gamers like Brendan & Rhys to academics like Varshabh & Liam P, & even borderline bodybuilders such as Dylan & Tareq A. Rather than letting these differences divide us, the diversity worked to solidify the bonds & create a brotherhood.

Through all of the fun experienced as a house, we still managed to stay academically focused with an All Star duty line up of Mr Bryant, Miller, Clausen, Willow & Mrs Pettit. It is impossible not to mention our two amazing Houseparents Mr Amiel & Mr Gage. It wasn’t far into the year before Gavin (Mr Amiel’s 4 year old) had established himself as the most effective alarm clock for the boys in the west hall on his dad’s duty mornings. Not far behind, Maya (the Amiel’s dog) often took visits to the boy’s rooms during prep, usually looking for food. While ‘19 marked Mr Gage’s 12th year as Houseparent, he still manages to defend his title as the Whittall chess champion, defeating the likes of fearsome challengers such as Sevien & Rassul. Even though we occasionally drive both Mr Gage & Mr Amiel to borderline insanity, they always find a reason to go above & beyond for the boys: for that we’re forever grateful.

Abdullah Hammawa, House Captain Whittall ‘19

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