The World of Interhouse

Saturday, October 26, 2019 - By: Keeva O, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Sophie H, Hope '21

Every year at Brentwood the competitive brother-sister houses join forces to compete for the Interhouse title and trophy. These are arguably the biggest events of the year, getting the majority of students out of their rooms and participating. The brother-sister house pairings are Alex-Whittall in red, Allard-Rogers in orange, Hope-Privett in blue and pink, and Mackenzie-Ellis in green and gold.

The competitive season kicks off with Fun and Games Night, a huge event that takes place during the last night of Orientation. The cheers made at this event are legendary, and it’s the first opportunity to showcase your house spirit, and introduce the new students to competition. Closely following this is the Eco-Challenge, the largest relay event of the year. The level of intensity and participation is so astronomical that there are usually at least two injuries of some sort. As students run from event to event, the rest of their team isn’t far behind, cheering them on every step of the way.

Lots of other events take place throughout the year such as Bubble Soccer, Basketball, Squash, Field Hockey, Climbing, Photography, Acapella and Volleyball. Events range from athletics to academics to arts, and it all comes to a close with Track and Field. Track and Field is a major event, with people running anywhere from 100 to 1500 meters around the track on Gillespie Field. There is also shot put, high jump, javelin, long jump and a grande finale of tug-o-war.

One of the most exciting events, coming up next Tuesday, is Airband, a huge competition of lip-syncing and dancing in groups that students create and organize themselves. Airband is arguably the coolest interhouse event, and is by far the most popular. Students and staff dressed in their house colours squish into the Bunch Theatre to watch and cheer on their houses.

Another amazing part of interhouse is the participation of the staff. Each staff member is associated with a house and will show up at events to show off their house pride. Sometimes, the staff get more heated  than the students do about the competitions if something seems unfair!

More people push themselves in Interhouse events than in regular sport competitions. I, for one, have thrown up after running track and field more times than I have when I’ve done my 2k test on the ergometer. When asked about how fervent students are about Interhouse, Nurse Decker explained  “Passion is not a tangible activity you go and do. Passions are mystical, unseen attributes woven into the activities we do and into our DNA.” Nurse Decker is a proud supporter of MackEllis, and she also runs the Maeda Health Centre.
Interhouse is a vital part of the community at Brentwood, a tradition that dates way back, carried on each year as the students come and go. Nicolas P, Rogers ‘21, exclaimed “I would skip school to support my house in Interhouse.” The seas of competitive house colours radiate pride and spirit, and bring boys, girls and staff together in supporting their houses. Solveig C, Allard ‘21, stated that “Without Interhouse, I don’t think the 550+ students of Brentwood would be the family we are right now.”

Brentwood wouldn’t be Brentwood without interhouse.

Keeva O, Mackenzie ‘20

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