The White Hatter

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - By: Linnea B, Allard ‘18

On Tuesday evening all new students assembled in the Bunch to witness a presentation on Internet Safety. The presenter, Darren Laur, who goes by the alias The White Hatter came on stage and addressed serious topics in an interesting and funny manner. The main goal was to address how to become a more safety conscious user of social media. 

Students learned ways to become more secure from hackers, identity thiefs, and how to deal with what Laur calls online peer aggression, or cyberbullying. The audience was filled with laughter and burning cheeks as some students learned they had been catfished by their presenter who pretended to be a 15 year old girl to teach a valuable lesson that not everyone is who he or she says they are. 

On the more serious side of the demonstration, students were presented with the shocking number of teen suicides, and the amount of self harm, due to cyberbullying. Personal stories were shared that hit hard with the audience.

The room filled with applause at the end of the presentation and everyone went to bed with their heads filled with valuable new information.  

Linnea B, Allard ‘18

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