The Voice - Brentwood’s Interhouse Acapella

Thursday, January 07, 2021 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

Apologies for my tardiness. It has taken me the last month to get over the astounding result from Interhouse Acapella, more specifically the stupendous placement of Mack/Ellis in the final results. I have recovered from my hair-pulling fury, and am now ready to write to you all about the 2020 Interhouse Acapella competition. I intend to highlight each cohort’s best performance, with a few exceptions, since there was no way of finding any separation in greatness.

While everyone sporting yellow and green now has a bone to pick with the adjudication team, there were some other performances worth noting. The Privett Juniors put on quite a show, starring Ariel C and Tommy M in their rendition of “You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch”. Rivaling the Tommy show, was the Privett 11s who shared Canadian legends Bob and Doug Mckenzie’s “12 Days of Christmas” with us. I have never seen Jacob H on a stage and felt unsatisfied after his performance. His experience and expertise in the theatre must have played a factor in his principal role. I think Mr Newns would agree with me when I say it was not the most chorally infused piece of the night, but an entertaining one for sure. “Privett shocked the world this year” exclaimed Tommy M, Privett ‘23. Shocking Tommy, that’s right.

I admire the enthusiasm Allard/Rogers has brought to interhouse this year. As far as I’ve seen, their participation has been better than any other cohort thus far, and Acapella was certainly a reflection of that. Rogers gave us a heartwarming mashup of “Last Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad”, featuring the vast majority of their seniors. Allard had a mass ensemble of their own, where they reined in all of their seniors and took to the stage. “I’m really proud of how many people contributed,” Solveig C, Allard ‘21 told me. “The boys put together a huge group which was awesome, and we all gave it our best.”

Some might expect the best of Mack/Ellis to come from Mackenzie House, or even the Ellis seniors. Very few would predict that Oscar L and his gallant gang could produce anything better than Fergie’s NBA All Star Game national anthem performance - but they did. In my eyes these lads put together the act of the night lead by Paolo F’s booming baritone, and Taaz R’s Slim Shady-like verses. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” boys. That is for sure.

Whittall House juniors earned an honourable mention in their cohort. I don’t think any of us could get enough of Connor P and his Pit Viper glasses. The “Walex” winner, however, was the Alex seniors with a playlist full of songs from “Baby it's Cold Outside '' to “Winter Wonderland ''. Seasoned vocal veterans Indie W and Robin C - who, during Concert For A Winter’s Eve, made my performance sound like Fergie’s - lead the way to a lovely performance, and Alex/Whittall’s highlight of the night.

Now if I could get votes recounted as the President of the United States can, the results might differ, but congratulations to Privett/Hope on taking the Acapella title this year. Enjoy the glory while it lasts. We’re coming for you.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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