The Transformation to Creation

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - By: Zach L, Ellis ‘19

In the first month of school everyone in woodworking has learned how to use all of the tools and the safety procedures for building our first project, a chair. Mr. Hunwick has shown us safety protocol by video and he is letting all students use the machines including the bandsaw and drillpress. "It was the best safety course I've ever taken. I can't wait to pass on the knowledge I have gained" said Bob B, Ellis ‘19. 

Mr. Hunwick also helps us explore the creative aspects of our minds. This enables every student the ability to transform their imagination into reality as much as they want. Mr. H has also given everyone time to draw out creations that they might want to make in a fun environment.

If you’re pining for creative practicality, woodworking is the place to be.

Zach L, Ellis ‘19

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