The Trail Blazers

Monday, June 05, 2017 - By: Graeme M, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Nicole Lambert

On Saturday, May 27th the Junior Boys Rugby team had an early start in order to get over to Abbotsford to face off against Robert Bateman Secondary in the provincial quarterfinals. The boys went into the day knowing they were going to be facing a big, physical team. This was the first time that a junior boys rugby team from Brentwood had ever gone to provincials.

To get the guys excited, we started a big game of touch rugby in the free lanes of the ferry terminal in Swartz Bay. Twenty minutes felt like two, then it was time for us to load back on the bus. After a quick ferry ride over the pond, we had a long drive out to a school that seemed to have just been plopped in the middle of a suburban neighbourhood. 

We started our warm up and quickly realized that it was hot, very hot. Hot enough that we actually employed Scott J, Privett ‘19 as our H2O specialist to keep our bottles filled for the entire game.

Once the game started, the field turned into a battleground. It was a clash of two rugby giants fighting for glory. It was a long, well fought game with tries scored by Matthew MP, Rogers ‘19 and our Captain, Jacob B, Ellis ‘19 and a few other players: our six tries double that of Bateman. In the end, however, it wasn't enough. The Bateman kicker made every one of his nine kicks and we suffered a painfully close loss of 36 to 34.

It was, however, a terrific and successful season for the Junior Boys and we would like to thank Mr Smith and Mr Langer for all of their efforts in getting us prepared all year long. 

Graeme M, Rogers ‘19 

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