The Superior Art Class

Friday, May 25, 2018 - By: Adi W, Alex ‘20; Photo by Luis M, Privett '18

If you think you have fun in your art blocks, think again, for 2D Foundations is the superior arts choice. 

2D Foundations with Mr Luna is always an interesting and eventful class. Whether the event of the day is Mr Luna dropping a mug, a student shattering a palette, or an intense conversation about the color magenta - there’s always something to look forward to. This year our class has used oil paint, collage and various print techniques to make an interesting collection of pieces. 

In 2D Foundations, we are able to morph and bend the assigned projects to create our own unique piece. I asked Shayna M, Alex ‘20, a frequent visitor to the class why she always comes back. She responded, “I love the environment - Mr Luna is such a chiller and it’s always a fun place to take your mind off of things.” Our class, although sometimes quiet, is a great place to reset and take your mind off of the stress and fast pace of Brentwood life. 

On the Brentwood website, the class is described as “a course designed for beginners”, however, that is not entirely true. While the class is good for beginners, as you can receive help whenever it is needed, the class can also be tailored for someone with any level of experience. 

If you wish to see the wares of our class, you can see our most recent project posted in the hall of the Centre for Art and Humanities - Enjoy!

Adi W, Alex ‘20

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