The Staggering Highlights of Term 2 Sports

Monday, February 18, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

As we continue to embark on our journey as students in Brentwood, we often reflect on how fast time is accelerating with each and every moment spent in campus. Within a couple of weeks, students will be approaching their Term 3 sport endeavours after a magnificent Term 2 of sports. In order to make this term in sports transcending and spectacular, we must thank Mr Gage for his hard work and dedication towards building the foundation of sports this term and involving the participation and indefatigable grind from all students in the school no matter what sport they enlisted in. This blog will aim to encompass the various highlights of second term sports.

After months of preparation, the Senior Boys Basketball team had a triumphant season as they defeated Shawnigan at Showcase and left the crowd in awe under the leadership of Captain Ian G, Rogers 19. They also won the South Island Championships and head to the Islands this weekend. The Junior Boys Basketball teams were also successful this season as they worked hard on the courts and went undefeated in their home tournament. Californian Buchannon F, Rogers ‘22, whose Jr B team also won the Mid-Islands, exclaimed, “Basketball at Brentwood has been an extraordinary opportunity.” In addition to this, our girls basketball teams had a fantastic basketball winning majority of their games and succeeding in their showcase game at Brentwood. The youthful Jr Girls program were undefeated in league play and won Mid-Islands. They also defeated Vanier at the Island Championships.

With the construction of our new building, The Foote Centre, students were able to practice in our new facility that offered new equipment and space for all students. This year we hosted our very first rock climbing sport that has been an amazing experience for students enrolled in the program. The Foote features also new squash courts that have been a foundation for this season’s squash players.

This year’s Hockey team faced challenging teams from around BC and managed to showcase their grit and hard work on the ice. In addition to exploring winter related sports, Outdoor Pursuits cross-country skied and winter camped with Mr Norman and Ms Bell.

In the Monster Erg competition, Brentwood dominated had good results with with Nate P, Rogers ‘21 3rd aming Junior Lightweights and Thomas L, Rogers ‘20 and Max H, Whittall ‘20 placed top 5 in the Senior category. Zoe M, placed 1st among U19 Women and Allulah Beth C, Alex ‘19 placed second.

As Term 3 sports approach, it is safe to claim that Term 2 sports have been nothing short of a spectacle of performance by our athletes. We look forward to Term 3!

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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