The Ross Cup Tournament

Sunday, March 08, 2020 - By: Jack P, Whittall ‘20; Photo by Ian McPherson

A couple of weeks ago was the conclusion of two long and hard-fought seasons for Brentwood hockey teams - the Ross Cup Tournament. It is an annual event, hosted by Brentwood at the Kerry Park Arena in Mill Bay. Starting this year on February 20, it was three straight days of non-stop, on-ice action.

This tournament serves as the playoffs for the Cowichan Valley High School Hockey League, as the season culminates with this event. It is, no doubt, the most important moment of the year for Brentwood hockey, and is the tournament that the teams strive towards all year.  This year, six teams competed in the senior division, as well as four teams in the junior division, and coming into the round robin portion of the tournament, both Brentwood teams had the vision of becoming a Cinderella story.

Led by their brave and heroic coaches, Tom Shadlock and Neil Robinson, the senior team knew they were somewhat of an underdog. We were a fairly young team, but had pulled through enough with our tenacity and relentless behavior on the ice to earn a second place finish in the regular season standings. We might not have been able to beat other teams on talent alone, but we knew our potential if they went and out-worked them every shift.

We started the tournament with a strong victory over Francis Kelsey, and after tying Shawnigan in our final game, gained enough points to advance to the semi-finals. There we met the powerhouse - and ultimate winners of the tournament - from Prince of Wales. Although we fell short, the team truly did give it their all in the final game, capping off a great season. “Ross Cup was a great way to end our season because it reminded us of what we’ve worked all year for,” said Rebecca R, Allard ‘21.  “And while the results may not have been what we wanted, it was a really great experience with the boys.”

The junior team “Was just happy to be able to compete,” said Cam M, Whittall ‘22.  They too went up against the highest seeded team in their semi-final game, and put out a strong performance against a good team from Cowichan. Though their season did end there, the juniors “Also had a lot of fun, and improved a lot throughout the year.” Their coaches Adam Rodrigues, Salvator Interlandi, and Daniel Parent should be commended for the massive amount of work they put in for the boys.

Although all of us seniors are sad to be leaving the program, we are confident that the future is in good hands with many great young players on both the junior and senior squads. We wish all the best for Brentwood hockey in the future.

Jack P, Whittall ‘20

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