The Road to Provies

Friday, December 10, 2021 - By: Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

As the countdown begins for what may seem the most anticipated break of the year, academics are full speed ahead, and students are knee deep, drowning in end-of-term assessments. Term 1 sport is now in our rear view mirror with one exception - our Senior A Volleyball team. While our community embraces the holiday spirit, sipping away at some delicious cocoa from the cafeteria, this troop sharpens their skills with a single goal in mind - a provincial medal.

After qualifying for the Provincial Championship by coming second at Islands, our girls have been working their bodies to the bone in preparation for their final tournament.

Provincials have been a guiding star for the team since September when we played at our first tournament in Dover Bay. The long journey we have travelled has taught us so much about each other and our team dynamics. Now, as the road reaches its end, the team is more motivated than ever to bring home a medal for our Brentwood Community and our graduating Grade 12s.

At Brentwood, a Senior A Volleyball provincial appearance is not uncommon, however, this year, Captain Jocelyn L is the only returnee who has played on the provincial stage. “I’m confident that each and every girl will rise to the challenge,” Jocelyn remarked.

On Wednesday, December 8th, our girls travelled four hours east to Abbotsford.  Three resilient Grade 9s stand among our 15 player roster - “The Littles'' as some teammates call them. Despite their small stature, this young trio has demonstrated both a fearless competitive attitude and an eagerness to learn from the Senior team. Ruby M, Stella P & Ella W have been incredible additions to the team as their tough serving and diligent attitude were key factors in qualifying for provies. Sam J, Mack ‘23 excites that she loves “having the juniors on our team (certainly a mutual feeling among the team). They bring a lot of energy both on and off the court!”

After three hard months of training, the team could not be better prepared for what lies ahead. Going into provides, the group has implemented a new defense -“Red” - aiming to improve in block coverage and tip digging. As we reached the end of the season it became crucial to aim for perfection in all aspects of the game as the competition will not be easy. No snow, injury, or end-of-term exam, will hold the squad back. Assistant Coach, Ms Manton confidently states, “BC isn’t ready for this team.”

Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

Editor’s Note: After two days of play, the girls are in the final four. Their next game is at 11:00 Saturday morning and can be seen live on this channel:



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