The Return of Interhouse Soccer

Thursday, April 15, 2021 - By: Tommy M, Privett ‘23; Photo by Bonnie Z, Mack '21

When spring rolls around the corner, there are a few ways for one to tell that this warm time of the year has arrived, a checklist so to speak.

The first is the students flocking to the fields every spare moment to bask in the sunlight. Check. The next is the arrival of stuffy noses and itchy eyes as allergy season dawns upon us. Check. The last is, to me and the other students of Brentwood, the best. It is the beginning of the last few months of a Brentwood year, and the third-term Interhouse events. Check.

Last Saturday, as the sun shone on the Brentwood turf, all eight houses made their way down to compete in Interhouse Soccer Skills. Each cohort came to play, ready to give their all with a large number of house points on the line.

Due to COVID protocols, Interhouse Soccer, like most other things this year, looked a bit different than it has in the past. As cohorts are not allowed to physically mix in competitive games, the competition this year took the shape of a skills competition. So, socially distance, this year’s competitors took part in six different skill-testing challenges in four different divisions: junior girls, junior boys, senior girls and senior boys. The stations were individual juggling, pairs heading, soccer tennis, penalty shootout, crossbar challenge and soccer curling.

In the junior girls’ category, it was frog supremacy as Mackenzie House took first place in four out of five events. A highlight of the junior girls’ competition was soccer tennis as Lilli S & Katie L took a huge win for in an exciting final. According to Lilli “It was really great to get outdoors again to begin another season of Interhouse events.”

For junior boys, it was Privett’s turn to shine, taking first place in three out of five challenges led by Avik B & Ariel C in soccer tennis and Jonathan H in the crossbar challenge. They were not able, however, to defeat the surprising Rogers effort led by star keeper Anton S, Rogers’ 23.

Then came the senior girl’s division featuring many standout plays and moments, but the performance that caught the eye of many was House Captain Alice S, Alex ‘21 taking home the crossbar challenge for the purple dinos.

Finally, it was time for the senior boys, the deciding factor between Privett/Hope and Mackenzie/Ellis. The two sides fought back and forth in each challenge but due to the amazing effort of Seb M & Ankit B in both pairs heading and soccer curling, racking up 132 headers and coming back from a 4-1 deficit in the final match of curling, as well as Ally D & Alana H with their curling win, Privett/Hope took the W in the first Interhouse challenge of the spring.

When asked, Seb stated that “It was an effort that not many people saw coming from Privett/Hope: we shocked the Brentwood world today.”

This event will be sure to even the Interhouse table as we move into the final months of school and each cohort continues to battle for supremacy and bragging rights.

A huge thank you to Mr Barrett, Mr Collis Handford, Mr Venema and Ms Fougner for their volunteer work at the event, also to Ms McLean and the entire SAC for providing Montreal style steamies for every attendant and participant.

The final sprint for the Interhouse Cup is officially on!

Tommy M, Privett ‘23

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