The Renaissance Ball

Saturday, May 05, 2018 - By: Caden O, Ellis ‘22; Photo by Ms Patel

For the last few weeks the Grade 8s have been planning a Renaissance Ball. To do this, we each chose a character from the Renaissance and then worked to gain an immense knowledge of them. To do this we had an assignment which made us collect a certain amount of information about our character. For this assignment we also had to dress up like our character to make it seem like anyone we spoke to was actually talking to a Renaissance character. We did not have to worry about creating our costumes because our superb seamstress, Mrs Sally Smith, created the most magnificent outfits. 

On May 2 the Grade 8s were getting ready for the big night. We all had our information memorized and everyone looked good in their costumes. At 6:00om when the ball began the 8’s started introducing themselves to the audience one by one. The evening was a great hit.

Caden O, Ellis ‘22

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