The Quest for the Holy Grail Begins

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - By: Hayley J, Hope ‘20

Each year, Mrs Widenmaier, Mr Newns and Mrs Blake get together to discuss what musical experience they want to bring to the Brentwood stage. They take into account the returning students and select a show they believe that will feature and challenge the skills of the cast. This year the school will get to enjoy the comedy Spamalot, a stage version of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Mr Newns says that he is a big Monty Python fan and loves this show; he has even been part of the orchestra.

In the first month of school, auditions take place as each cast member shows our three directors what they can do. Many choose to sign up for principle auditions in hopes that they can score a larger speaking or singing part in the show.

The first few rehearsals can be a little slow going as everyone is just starting to learn what goes into the show and is reading off a script. The cast is split into groups on some days in order to work on scenes with certain people; other days we all come together to work on larger scenes and watch the scenes that have been put together. Not everyone is needed at every rehearsal, but we all continue to go over what we already know and prepare for later scenes.

As the year progresses, Sunday rehearsals will begin and the principles take on sports day rehearsals in order to get more done during term two. Eventually scenes that have been put together separately will be incorporated seamlessly into the final show.

Musical theatre is one of the most involved arts at Brentwood and the entire cast and crew puts so much work, in and outside of class, into the final product. This year’s show falls from February 26th-29th and those dates tend to creep up a lot faster than many expect.

Everyone involved is very excited to be a part of this parody as it is very different from the shows we’ve taken on in the past few years. Sabrina H, Allard ‘20, one of the Laker Girls, says “I hadn’t heard of Spamalot before auditioning for this musical; however, since beginning it, I’ve found a love for this unique comedy.”

This is a very company-involved musical, meaning everyone has roles and is a part of many of the scenes. It will be very exciting to see this show comes together and become yet another excellent Brentwood production.

Hayley J, Hope ‘20

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