The Perfect Privett Prefects

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - By: Jim Ganley, Monday Night Dutymaster

There are lots of reasons I enjoy my Monday night duty in Privett House.
First, it’s a genuinely pleasant group of young men who, while naturally given to adolescent rambunctiousness, are engaged and happy at Brentwood.
Second, the Grade 12 Prefects take their responsibilities seriously in the faith that they have a significant role to play in building a positive environment in the residence. They are right. They do.
And then there’s the Houseparents. Ron Neufeld and Sarah Wolinsky are a remarkable team whose wisdom, patience, interpersonal gifts, sense of humour, and genuine affection for the boys knows no limits. They guide, advise, and companion 60 teenage boys through the peaks and valleys of school, growing up, and life in community.  

Last Monday was one of those times I was reminded of Privett’s genuine, best character. Mr Neufeld, to invite the Grade 12s to officially embrace their Prefect duties for the year, officiated a swearing in, reminiscent of Windsor Castle. Each of the 12s was ‘knighted’ into a year of service leadership. Below is the text of the ceremony as read by Ron as the boys received their Prefect pins:

“Kneel, not to the school, or to me, but in recognition that you are serving the House in a position of Trust. Boys are put to bed, put to prep, and defended - even from themselves. You are now a leader in the Brotherhood of Privett. Receive in humility, but wear with Pride. Arise, Prefect.”


If you’d like to see the ceremony, check out this video on Smugmug.

Jim Ganley, Monday Night Dutymaster

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