The Passion is Infectious

Thursday, December 10, 2020 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

The staff member who runs at least a marathon a week. The Allard RFA who could not live without her dog, or coffee. It is my honour to introduce the kind, funny, and motivating, Ms Spencer Manton.

Ms Manton is a role model for many young women (and young men) at Brentwood. Her “All Hustle No Hype” mindset is what keeps her going. As a former D1 athlete, Ms M knows that pushing yourself is the only way to become better an individual. I asked her to name one accomplishment she was most proud of (knowing if I were in her shoes this would be a difficult task) and she responded humbly “Probably competing at the NCAA Division 1 level in rowing and making four straight NCAA appearances throughout my time at University.” She went on to tell me that she is “proud of this accomplishment because it taught me the true meaning of teamwork, self-sacrifice, and made me realize I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”  This is the type of mindset that many Brentwood students strive towards.

Ms M was born and raised on Vancouver Island, in the small town of Ladysmith. Growing up, she excelled in both her academics and athletics, which led her to Brentwood. During her years at the school, she played a huge role in every sports team imaginable. From rowing all year round, to being the starting middle for the Varsity Volleyball team, and making her appearance as the Senior Girls Basketball Captain (she represented her province in this sport too) she played every role possible and made the most of her Brentwood experience.

After graduating from Brentwood, Ms Manton continued her athletic and academic career at Indiana University, and went on to get her degree in sports marketing and management and minored in business and telecommunications. Ms M has an exciting future ahead of her as she is currently studying for her CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification.

Ms Manton is someone who believes in setting goals for herself. She sets small goals like lifting five pounds heavier than last time, however, she also has long-term dreams and goals. One of which is “to own a massive gym or a chain of gyms and train high-level athletes. Also, to have an online presence where I do online programming.” Currently, Ms M has a significant social media presence and she has the largest online following of any teacher at the school. Even larger than Mr McPherson!

Despite her online presence, Ms Manton is a woman of many mysteries. Few people know this about her, but when she was attending Indiana University she had a miniature potbelly pig: “She was awesome! She slept in my bed, went on walks with me, and went to the dog park.”

Another fun fact about the Allard RFA is that Ms Manton is dating her high school sweetheart whom she met at Brentwood, “a true Brentwood love story.”

At the end of the interview, I asked her what she liked most about Brentwood. And I believe she said it best - “I have many favorite things about the school. Brentwood is an incredibly welcoming school where being different is considered cool. Not many high schools operate on such an inclusive and accepting level. I love the talent that comes out of this school. I love watching the students not only excel at, but also enjoy, what they are doing - the passion is infectious.”

Come to any basketball, volleyball, or rowing practice and you will see how her passion and energy becomes contagious.         

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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