The Night of the Notables

Friday, December 01, 2017 - By: Reese & Jocie, ‘22; Photo by Jim Ganley

The Night of the Notables was an amazing experience: we learned a plethora of amazing things about our ancestors. We will always remember the experience. It started out with each of us picking a civilization, researching it, and spending a lot of hard work to make our props, representative dress, and maps. 

Then it all came together into a cultural experience. 

We, the Grade 8 class, presented our memorized monologues in character to our guests truly feeling like the person from the chosen group. It was a time that each Grade 8 will get a feel of the ancient times, and to see what life was like before we walked the earth. This fun and enjoyable presentation will always be remembered by the Grade 8s. 

Reese & Jocie, ‘22

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