The Night B’fore St. Catharines

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21; Photo by Brian Carr

’Twas the night b‘fore St. Catharines, and in Rogers House, 

Santino was packing, louder than a mouse.

Shae, Solveig and Sarah snoozed with teddy bears, 

Because unlike Santino, they were better prepared. 

All rose in the morning, at dark 3 o’clock. 

Ethan woke later, nearly missing his stop. 

We hopped on the bus, dressed in uniform, 

But there was no talking, all you heard was the snore 

Of 30 young teens, fresh out of bed,

But I heard Amy P mumble “Let’s go get this bread.”

Once at Vic airport we began to unpack.

Crates, boxes, and cases, to match the bags on our backs. 

We boarded the plane, and moments into the flight,

I looked back at Jesse: he was out like a light. 

Five hours later, we’re about to touch down,

In the land of a hero: Coach Mitch’s hometown. 

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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