The New & Improved Grade 8 Classroom

Friday, March 03, 2017 - By: Rohan A. '21

As Grade 8s, we spend a great deal of time in our homeroom classroom, so as a class, we decided it was time for a contemporary upgrade for our furniture. Before winter break, we had a class vote on which tables, chairs and couches to add to our room. Coming back to school in January, we were surprised to see freshly painted walls that livened up the classroom environment. But most important of all, within the next week, the Grade 8 classroom finally received a large shipment of furniture, and we were ecstatic to see what the transformation of our class would look like.

The furniture consisted of 12 orange high-top chairs with wheels, that were accompanied by high tables for the back row of the classroom. The remaining tables and chairs were the same models, just lower to the ground. In addition, we also have some rocking chairs spread out over the classroom which provide some different seating options in the classroom.

Located near the main entrance of the class, we have a section of comfy couches with their own sliding tables, nicknamed “The Paradise Islands” by Ms. Ramundi, our math and science teacher. As our class has a small library of its own, new bookshelves and shelves (that also hold other supplies) were installed in the classroom to organize the many items that can sometimes become clutter.

As a student, I find the chairs are very comfortable and provide us with increased “freedom of movement”. Even though I love our chairs, they sometimes give us static electricity shocks, but that’s probably designed to keep us awake in class!

During the first few days, I interviewed some Grade 8 students who shared their opinions about the new furniture in a video.

I think everyone loves this new furniture and we think it’s an excellent addition to our classroom, and will serve for years to come. We hope you visit the Grade 8 classroom some time soon to check out the furniture for yourself!

Rohan A, Brentwood ‘21

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