The Match that Never Burns Out

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - By: Zach L, Ellis ‘19; Photo by Chantal P, Mackenzie ‘19

On May 9th, the Brentwood Junior rugby team played Shawnigan. Even though we lost, we had a good game putting pressure on them and scoring tries. The final score was 38-24 for Shawinigan. 

This game had their coaches screaming at their team and on edge. Our MVP player was Ope R, Rogers ‘19 for making a lightning fast sprint scoring a try and almost a few more down the wing and under the posts. Pedro P, Ellis ‘20 slipped through the center of the field and fell just a few feet short of an amazing try. Captain Jacob B, Ellis ‘19 was keeping his team up and pushing forward, scoring a try in the process. Leading by example is what makes a team excellent, and he leads by example pushing everyone to the breaking point every time. 

After the game, we invited our opponents to stay for a meal to connect with one another as friends, not rivals. The Brentwood Juniors are now preparing to play Oak Bay on Monday May 15th to see if all our hard work will pay off with a qualification for provincials.

Zach L, Ellis ‘19; Photo by Chantal P, Mackenzie ‘19

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