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Friday, October 04, 2019 - By: Cade M, Privett ‘20

The beginning of this year, my third year at Brentwood, has allowed me to become quite close with our lovely health staff. The Maeda Health Centre has plenty of resources to offer and all of the nurses always want what’s best for us.

I recently injured my ankle at the End of Summer Bash, an annual event that takes place at the beginning of the school year. Being my clumsy self, I got caught up in the moment dancing like no one was watching and came down wrong on my left ankle, causing it to twist outwards. I grabbed onto a nearby friend and got his assistance (I made him carry me back to my room).

The Maeda Health Centre is not open after 6 pm so my course of action could have been to call in the night nurse, but I didn’t. Having experienced ankle injuries before, I am aware that unless the bone is sticking out of your skin and you have unbearable pain, there's not a whole lot you can do other than wait around until a doctor has seen it and it's been x-rayed. With this in mind, I decided to sleep on it and try to stick it out until Monday.

On Sunday morning I chatted with Nurse Dekker who had come out of her way on her day off to bring me crutches and see how I was. Monday morning I made my way down to the Health Centre. Upon arrival I was told that I would go see the doctor and be scheduled to go for an x-ray. The receptionist said that there was another student who needed an x-ray so she would take us both to the hospital as the machine in Mill Bay is being renovated.

The x-ray results were good, no break! However, recovery wasn't going to be much faster either way. The following three weeks consisted of physiotherapy twice a week and muscle strengthening exercises every other day.

This routine made the healing process a lot smoother. The first week I was to walk with a boot and crutches; the second week I was able to ditch the crutches and only use walking boot; the third week I was free of everything. I am now walking almost normally, still staying with exercises and physio and working toward full movement in my foot and a stronger overall ankle. Thanks to the support of Meada Health Centre team I am making a speedy recovery as well as adding some new exercises and knowledge to my ankle injury tool kit.

Whether it’s a mental or physical issue, the Health Centre and their supportive staff will always be happy to help Brentwood students. All Brentwood students should feel safe and cared for by the Maeda Health Centre team. I can guarantee that if you give them a chance to help you out, no matter the issue, you will walk out with a smile on your face!

Cade M, Privett ‘20

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