The Little Team That Did (Qualify for Islands)

Monday, March 23, 2020 - By: Asia C, Hope ‘20

The Senior Girls Basketball team had a very successful season. With many new players coming in and a new coach (Mr Vittorio Pasquale) nobody really knew what to expect of our team. In the end, we did something the Senior Girls Basketball team hasn't done in a long time - qualify for islands!

Despite the outstanding last three games the team played at North Islands, we weren't always so agile. Coming into the season, the girls started off playing Qualicum with only two practices beforehand. We lost by a miserable amount, although Asia C did score the most baskets that game. However, the team did not look down; with the inspiring leadership shown by the Captain Rae W, the girls attended practice during the required sports hours and after arts on regular school days. Here, we learned different plays and analyzed how to approach different types of teams.

There were never any complaints, and the girls really enjoyed the style of coaching we got to experience this year by both of our awesome and level-headed coaches. Every girl got better at dribbling, understanding plays, and communicating on the court. Although we lacked in numbers compared to most teams, I can promise you we never lacked team spirit.

The success of our dedication was shown throughout the season as we came away with more wins and had a very tight and entertaining Showcase game against Shawnigan. Some highlighted players earned “Player of the Game” for many different reasons through the tournaments. These players include Rae, Asia (x2), Abi S, Bonnie Z (our secret weapon) Freya P & Abayah H. Ally D also had success shooting threes, Mariko L left players frustrated by her mesmerizing ball-handling skills, and Airi H was always hustling.

Alas, the season came to an end where the girls had one challenge left - playing Qualicum one more time in order to advance to islands. Knowing our past results against this team, the starters knew this might be one of our last games together. Instead of playing in fear, we remembered our coaching and played with heart - which is something our team definitely did have a lot of. The rest is history.

Asia C, Hope ‘20

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