The Life Aquatic

Thursday, September 23, 2010 -

Biology 12 AP set off on their 3-day expedition to Bamfield on September 18th. After a 3-hour bumpy ride in a yellow submarine, we arrived at the Bamfield Marine Science Center, welcomed by the fresh air and an ocean view.

During our stay, we visited Eagle Bay and Brady’s Beach and got to view sea life in all its glory. Though the weather was not on our side, we still enjoyed seeing monstrous cedar trees towering above us, reaching towards the heavens. As field scientists for the weekend, we experimented with photosynthetic algae to measure the oxygen produced. We also used the samples of plankton that we had garnered on our oceanography trip to identify the different species. It was amazing to see microscopic animals right before our eyes, but I remember having a hard time distinguishing one species of plankton from another.

As much as we worked, we also had a lot of fun. During the day, our class would diligently hike through the mountains and observe, but as night fell, we would all race to the common room.  I remember playing ‘spoons’ with odd objects such as bolts and laughing as everyone made jokes. It was a trip that I won’t soon forget and it will certainly generate a lot of inside jokes yet to come. Right, Mr. Mermaid-Pennells?

Min K

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