The Last SAC Hoorah

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - By: Emily N, Allard ‘22

If there has been one thing that I have learned this year, it is that the weather is unpredictable. In April, there were weeks filled with sunshine and the UV index at level five, prime time for tanning! But, as May started, rain showers reminded us of January, the rainiest month of the year. Despite the unforeseeable weather, Mother Nature was aware of the days that Brentwood was in need of the sun, such as Fun in the Sun, the last SAC event of the year!

On Saturday, May 29, Field #1 was full of students enjoying all the activities such as an egg and spoon race, food eating contests, and more! Dinner was served on the field, where everyone basked in the sun while enjoying Crooks Hall’s famous potato skins.

The first activity of the evening was a spaghetti eating contest, followed by Feed-a-Friend, where a blindfolded student was fed ice cream by a trusted friend. During the spaghetti-eating contest, contestants were not allowed to use their hands. By the end of the event, each participant’s face was stained red with sauce. The crowd was cheering, students were speed eating spaghetti, and Nick P, Rogers ‘21 came out on top with the victorious statement “It was easy, although I had to swallow most of the noodles whole.” Shortly after the spaghetti showdown, Feed-a-Friend began. This was quite the spectacle, with ice cream flying in every direction except into the blindfolded contender's mouth.

Games were played by a plethora of students, and each winner was rewarded with a coupon for one free pizza from Panago. The egg and spoon race, three legged race, potato sack race, and hula hooping contest “All looked easier than they proved to be” according to Tommy M, Privett ‘23. The potato sack race had many competitors jumping as quickly as possible across the field, but the real competition showed up when Jack NG hopped into his potato sack, and won every race that he participated in. An honourable mention goes out to Adrienne R, who took part in the potato sack race while on a scooter due to a recovering ankle. It was a shame that the scooter couldn’t keep up with Jack - but her efforts did not go unnoticed!

The hula hooping contest was a strenuous event, and not many students had the stamina required to win although everyone was busy practicing all afternoon. Although Gabi C and Lucinda G, Allard ‘22, did not compete in the competition, they were seen practicing their impressive skills that were “Learned from elementary school” claimed Lucinda G.

Fun in the Sun was wrapped up by a colour war, where students threw multicoloured powder at each other, creating beautiful clouds of colour in the sky. Everyone went in with clean clothes, and came out with a variety of pinks, blues, greens, and more masking their faces, and temporarily dying their hair and clothes. By the end of the night, I’m sure all the showers were filled with lakes of colour as the powder was easily washed off.

All year, Ms McLean has led the SAC. This has been her last year, and while we are sad to see her go, we are excited to welcome Ms Ramsay as the next SAC Faculty Sponsor after watching her help out with Fun in the Sun! Fun in the Sun was a huge success, and Ms McLean was grateful that “The weather cooperated beautifully.” She saw Fun in the Sun as “A terrific way to end the school year and [her] last event with SAC!”

Thanks Marci McLean.

Emily N, Allard ‘22

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